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1. The theory was attacked ten years ago when it was first , but gradually it was accepted______.

A) promoted B) enhanced C) advanced D) conceived

2. preparations made for the President’s official_____ visit to three foreign countries.

A) Elaborate B) Graceful C) Royal D) Tedious

3. The bus is so crowded that there is sufficient room for you_____.

A) rarely B) seldom C) scarcely D) some

4. Poor health and lack of money may both be to educational progress____.

A) restraints B) stains C) scarcities D) barriers

5. As for the Flat Earth theory, I believe I can it with my own experiences of navigation.

A. deny B) reject C) object D) refute

6. In the past decades, the farms of the world have succeeded in producing enough food to feed all of the planet’s people.

A) relevantly B) externally C) utterly D) virtually

7. The poor girl couldn’t from her tears any more when her mother showed up.

A) withdraw B) hold C) withhold D) refrain

8. We would contact your nearest relative _____any .

A) in the event of B) in the course of

C) in the place of D) in the light of

9. The doctors drew the conclusion that the young man’s blindness was ______

A) consistent B) partial C) internal D) temporary

10. The Second World War, the earlier one of 1914, prompted public concern about the physical and intellectual well-being of the country’s human resources.

A) so as B) as were C) as did D) same as


1.动词辨析C) advance“推进;提出”的advance a theory提出一种理论;A) promote“提升;增进”;B) enhance“提高,增强”,enhance one’s confidence增强信心; D) conceive“构想;怀胎”,conceive an idea想出一个主意。


2.形容词辨析A) Elaborate“详尽的;精心计划的” an elaborate design精心的设计;B) Graceful“优美的;得体的” seek a graceful exit寻求体面的退出;C) royal“皇家的,王室的”;D) tedious“冗长乏味的”正在为总统对三个国家的正式访问作精心准备。

3.副词辨析rarely 和seldom表示“很少”,都是频度副词,不能用于本句,再说两词意义、的用法相同,也不能成为答案。scarcely为程度副词,意为“几乎不”,为正确答案。公共汽车很挤,几乎没有足够的地方让你立足。


5.动词辨析D) refute“驳斥;否认…的正确性”,refute an argument驳斥一种论点;A) deny“否认;拒绝某人要求”deny sb. admission拒绝某人入场;B) reject“拒绝;拒绝考虑”He was rejected for the navy because he is sea sick.由于晕船他未被海军录取。C) object“反对,不赞成”,后接介词to或宾语从句。至于地平说,我想我能用我的亲身航海经历驳斥它。

6.副词辨析D) virtually“几乎,差不多;实际上”;A) relevantly“有关地;适宜地”;B) externally“外部地,外表地”;C) utterly“完全地,彻底地”utterly ignorant of sth.对…全然不知。在过去几十年中,世界上的农场已成功地为这个星球上差不多所有的人生产出了足够的食品。

7.动词辨析A、的C项属形近动词。四选词的意思分别是:A)withdraw“抑制,制止”;B)hold“拿,坚持,抱”;它不能和from搭配;C)withhold“抑制,制止”;D)refrain“抑制,忍住”。 当她妈妈出现时,这位可怜的小女孩再也抑制不住自己的眼泪。

8.介词短语辨析in the event of 表示“万一,如果,一旦”;in the course of 表示“在…过程中,在…期间”;in the place of中,冠词多余,也不符合本句意义;in the light of表示“根据,按照”,如:in the light of customers根据顾客的要求。一旦发生意外,我们会与你最近的亲属联系。

9.形容词辨析D) temporary“暂时的,临时的”;A) consistent“一贯的,一致的”;B) partial“部分的;偏心的”;C) internal“内部的;固有的”。医生得出结论:这位青年的失明是暂时的。

10.as用法as可连接表示方式,再根据主句中动词“prompted”一词,所以答案为as did。第二次世界大战,就如同第一次世界大战一样,都促使人们关注这个国家人力资源的身体和智力健康。

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