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阅读短文背单词 1-5

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甘肃专升本公共课英语阅读短文背单词 1-5

Passage 1

One day a bookseller (书商) let a big box of books fall on his foot. “Go to see the doctor,” said his wife. “No,” he said, “I’ll wait until the doctor comes into the shop next time. Then I’ll ask him about my foot. If I go to see him, I’ll have to pay him.”

On the next day the doctor came into the shop for some books. When the bookseller was getting them ready, he told the doctor about his bad foot. The doctor looked at it.

“You must put that foot in hot water every night. Then you must put something on it,” said the doctor.

He took out a piece of paper and wrote on it. “Buy this and put it on the foot before you go to bed every night,” he said.

“Thank you,” said the bookseller. “And now, sir, here are your books.”

“How much?” said the doctor.

“Two pounds.”

“Good,” said the doctor. “I shall not have to pay you anything.”

“Why?” asked the bookseller.

“I told you about your foot. I want two pounds for that. If people come to my house, I ask them to pay one pound for a small thing like that. But when I go to their houses, I want two pounds. And I came here, didn’t I?”












Passage 2

Today Newton is a very clean place. Many years ago, however, there were millions of rats in it. They attacked the cats and dogs. Sometimes a great number of them knocked down a man or woman walking home at night. The rats were very large in size and they harmed many people.

The government ordered everybody to kill rats. Most people were lazy, so they didn’t kill many. The government promised to pay some money for each dead rat. That made the people very happy. They killed thousands of rats every day. A government officer put all the dead rats in a big pile. Sometimes a man brought hundreds in one day.

After two weeks there were not many rats in the city, but people still brought many rats to the government office. The government officer thought that people were stealing dead rats from the pile. He ordered his men to dig a deep hole and put the rats in it. Soon there were no more rats, and the government didn’t pay any more money.





Passage 3

Mr. Tom Forester lived by himself a long way from town. He hardly ever left his home, but one day he went into town to buy some things in the market. After he had bought them, he went into a restaurant and sat down at a table by himself. When he looked around, he saw several old people put glasses on before reading their newspapers, so after lunch he decided to go to a shop to buy himself some glasses too. He walked along the road, and soon found a shop.

The man in the shop made him try on a lot of glasses, but Tom always said, “No, I can’t read with these.”

The man became more and more puzzled (迷惑不解), until finally he said, “Excuse me, but can you read at all?”

“No, of course I can’t!” Tom said angrily. “If I was already able to read, do you think I would have come here to buy glasses?”






Passage 4

Once James Thornhill, a famous English painter, was asked to paint some pictures on the walls of the king’s palace in England.

Then workers were sent for and a big platform (台子) was made.

With the help of a worker, Thornhill started painting on the platform. They worked for a whole year and at last the pictures were ready.

Thornhill was happy when he looked at the pictures, for they were really beautiful. He looked at them for a long time, and then took one step back and looked again. Now the pictures were even more beautiful. He took another step, then another. Finally he was at the very edge of the platform, but he didn’t know it because he was thinking of his picture.

The worker saw everything. “What should I do?” he thought. “Thornhill was at the very edge of the platform. If I cry out, he will take another step, fall off it and surely be killed.” So the worker quickly took some paint (漆) and threw it at the pictures.

“What are you doing?” cried the painter, running quickly forward to his pictures.





桑希尔望著油画很开心,因为那些油画很是美丽。他看了很长时间,然后退一步再看,现在感觉更美了。他又退一步, 然后再一步,最后已经很靠近平台边缘了,但他并不知道,因为他只想著自己的画。



Passage 5

Morgan Rees has always been a good businessman. He used to own three petrol stations and was busy most of the time. When he was 65, the normal retirement age, he decided that he didn’t want to stop, so he carried on working for another two years. Eventually, when he was nearly 68, his wife, Dolly, asked him to retire because she wanted to enjoy their old age together. Reluctantly, he handed over the business to his son.

But he was unhappy. He didn’t know what to do with himself. Although he read a lot of books and he went on holiday to interesting places with his wife, he was bored and began to get depressed because he hated being retired.

Then one day he saw an advertisement in the newspaper and, without telling his wife, he bought a small crockery (陶器) factory. The next week he told his family. They were horrified and worried. They thought he was too old at 71 to start work again.

He is now 76 and he has expanded the company considerably. He has increased the number of staff from 6 to 24 and he has found many new customers for the products. He has developed the export market and has improved profits by 200%. He has opened a new design office and employed three young designers. They have been all over the world to get new ideas, and one of them has gone to France this week to a major trade fair. Most importantly, he hasn’t been bored since he bought the factory.


摩根·里斯一直是一位不错的生意人。他曾有过3个加油站,而且一直都很忙。当他65岁时, 也就是正常的退休年龄时,他决定不想停止工作,所以他又接着干了两年。结果在他快68岁的时候,他妻子多丽让他退休,希望能和他一起共度晚年的时光。所以他非常不情愿地把业务交给了自己的儿子。